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Animal Friends of Pica Pau 2
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Welcome to the wildly imaginative world of Pica Pau! Get together with the creative zebra, the thoughtful lion, the witty anteater, the flamboyant elephant, and many more: there’s room for everyone at Yan’s craft table!

Toy maker, character designer, and crochet knitter Yan Schenkel has collected the most original amigurumi around her. In this book, she shows her passion for amigurumi crochet in 20 new designs, and also shares special tips and tricks for every single project. All patterns contain detailed instructions, accompanied by step-by-step pictures and explanations of all techniques used, so both beginners and advanced crocheters can easily get acquainted with her animal band.

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Author: Yan Schenkel
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 20 Projects - 160 Pages