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Creative Crochet Projects
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Whether you want to learn how to crochet or you're looking for fresh, new projects to try, Creative Crochet Projects is for you! Featuring a variety of 12 colorful, fun, and quirky crochet projects with a charming, offbeat sense of style, this project book starts off easy, slowly introducing new techniques one design at a time.

Opening with an introduction to the basics of crochet, including materials, tools, terms, and techniques, this crochet project book also includes helpful visual step-by-step instructions for common crochet stitches to get you started. From there, build your crochet skills as you create a collection of adorable projects, from scarves, hats, and wraps to a roll-away kitchen playmat, bee mobile, foldable burger and hotdog, and more—each project beaming with personality, color, and original charm!

With detailed stitch-by-stitch instructions, inspiring photography, skill-building tutorials, tips, tricks, and more, Creative Crochet Projects gives this timeless craft an exciting and playful new twist, all while you improve your skills and have fun!

Item no. 33864
Author: Stephanie Pokorny
Pages: 12 Projects - 96 Pages