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Crochet Hacking
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Crochet new life into unloved, unworn clothes with sustainable fashion hacks!

This book is not just a collection of crochet patterns or a selection of makes to keep youlooking ‘de rigeur’. Oh no! This book is actually a toolkit of hints, tips and instructions to help you rethink the clothes that are already around you, from your own wardrobe to second-hand stores and thrifted finds. This book is a way of life.

Whether it's repairing tears and holes, adjusting the fit of a garment such as increasing the length of the body or sleeves, or completely restyling a piece of clothing into something altogether more exciting, these innovative crochet ideas will keep more garments out of landfill and bring them back to life as your new wardrobe faves.
Sustainable fashion hero and crochet hacking pioneer Emma Friedlander-Collins of @SteelandStitch takes you step-by-step through the process of crocheting into denim, jersey, wool and other fabrics, with 17 projects to save you money AND save the planet!

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Author: Emma Friedlander-Collins
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 17 Projects - 120 Pages