Basic Crochet Stitches

Chain (ch)



When you’ll use it

The chain is the most basic crochet stitch and the first stitch to learn. Use it as the base to work the rest of your stitches into, as well as at the beginning of each row.

How to do it

Make a slip knot, pull tight, *yarn over, pull through the loop on the hook, rep from * until you have the number of chains needed to begin your project.

Step One

1. Make a slip knot.

Step Two

2. Pull tight.

Step Three

3. Yarn over.

Step Four

4. Pull through the loop on the hook.

Step Five

5. Repeat until you have the number of chains you need.

Watch the tutorial

Continue Learning

Brand new to crochet?

Here are some of the most basic stitches you should learn. Most complicated stitch patterns are just a combination of these basics, so once you master these, you’ll be able to make nearly anything!

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