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Niddy Noddys
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Who doesn’t love a great tool that makes your fiber life easier? The Niddy Noddy allows spinners to quickly and easily transform yarn into a skein. Not only does having your yarn ready in a skein make it easier to manage during the soaking and washing process, but it also helps to keep your yarn tangle-free. 

Choose between two different sizes—the small Niddy Noddy is the more portable option that creates a hank that measures 42” while the large Niddy Noddy creates a hank that measures 72” in circumference. 

After spinning a batt of roving or fiber on a drop spindle or spinning wheel, new and experienced spinners can quickly transfer their freshly spun singles and plied yarns from the bobbin onto the Niddy Noddy. Not only does this free up the bobbin, but it also neatly skeins the plied yarn into a hank that is ready to wash or store for later use.  

Simply place one end of the yarn at the center crosspiece and hold it firmly in place while guiding the yarn over the top bar and moving down and under the bar at the bottom. Next, guide the yarn over the opposite top bar, then down and underneath the bottom bar. Finally, you’ll move the yarn to the top bar where the wrap first begins and continue around until all of the yarn is wound onto the Niddy Noddy. 

Another wonderful use for the Niddy Noddy is that it gives spinners a way of estimating the yardage of their handspun yarn. Simply keep track of the number of complete wraps as you wind your yarn around the Niddy Noddy and then multiply the size of your Niddy Noddy (either 42” for the small or 72” for the large) to get a rough idea of how much yarn you have created! This also works well for knitters and crocheters who may find the occasional unmarked ball of yarn in their stash.


Made in the USA.

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