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Safety Eyes Round 18mm
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Complete your next knitted or crocheted toy with a set of Plastic Safety Eyes! Perfect for everything from amigurimi, dolls, and animals, Plastic Safety Eyes are a quick and easy way to add that last finishing touch to your project. Simply insert the safety eyes into your knitting or crocheted toy and fasten in place with the included safety washer for the backing, all while saving yourself the step of embroidering eyes onto your toy. And don't forget about other knitted and crocheted creatures, monsters, and food—they could use a set of eyes too! 

Includes 2 pair of round eyes in the same color, 18mm in diameter. 

Safety Eyes - Round Pupil 18mm - Brown
SKU: 82384
Not available

Safety Eyes - Round Pupil 18mm - Light Green
SKU: 82387