Accessories » Shawl Stick - Wavy Days
Medium: Wavy Days
Vendor: Knit Picks Design Team
Accessories » Shawl Stick - Wavy Days

Shawl Stick - Wavy Days
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Secure your hand-made accessories with elegant simplicity! The right shawl stick will keep your wrap, shawl, or scarf in place and provide new options for how to style your access, as well as add an extra embellishment to accent your handiwork.

The Wavy Days Shawl Stick is a classic slim, cone shape topped with curving waves decorating the top. The stick is medium-brown stained wood, and the wavy top is curved on one side and flat on the other, so it won't roll away when stored.

Measures approx. 5.25" long (13.5cm)

Item no. 86090