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Kits » View All Kits » Simmer Dim Scarf Kit

Simmer Dim Scarf Kit
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In our Magazine kits, you can make one of our favorite projects from the issue while getting everything you need to make the project. What could be better?! 

Lovely openwork lace is easier than it looks with this lace scarf. The scarf uses broomstick lace, which is a method where a large knitting needle is used to hold the loops to keep them uniform until you crochet into them. It features a 2-row repeat, so it is easy and quick to make.

Issue 3 was inspired by our favorite things about the warmest time of the year. Our jungle greenery collection, Viridescent, features patterns inspired by leaves and botanical gardens. Summertime Lace features romantic garments inspired by the ephemeral beauty of a summer sunset. 

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