IDP Sales, Payments and Customer Support

Designers earn 85% of the pattern selling price—WeCrochet retains 15% for marketing and administration. Payments to designers are made quarterly (January, April, July, and October) within 15 days of the end of the quarter. All payments for designers are made electronically, which for designers outside of the US, may include fees—we strive to keep these fees as low as possible.

Designers are able to track pattern sales through the Vendor Portal.

Please note: When patterns are sold to customers outside of the US, the price of the pattern may be a few cents higher or lower due to the exchange rate of that country's currency at the time of the sale. Designers still receive 85% of the sale and WeCrochet never discounts IDP pattern prices.

VAT Taxes

WeCrochet collects and pays VAT taxes for all digital products. This will not affect the sale price or amount designers receive for their patterns.

Pattern Support

Customer service for patterns in the IDP program is provided by the designer. The WeCrochet Customer Service Department will direct all questions about IDP patterns to the designer. This will allow the designer to receive feedback directly from customers who purchased their pattern and provide them with help or correction. We ask designers to respond to customer questions within a week of receiving an email. If designers will be unavailable by email for more than a few days, they should set up an auto-response so customers know they will be helped as soon as possible upon their return.

Customer service is very important to WeCrochet and we reserve the right to remove patterns if we receive complaints from customers who do not receive timely pattern support.


If an error is found in an IDP pattern, a corrected PDF, new photos, and/or edits to the webpage should be submitted via the Vendor Portal. We will add a note to the pattern page, informing customers that there is an update to the pattern and a new version of the pattern will be in the customer's pattern library.

More Information

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