Fiber Content: 100% Baby Alpaca
Weight: DK
Crochet Gauge: 16 - 20 sc = 4'' on E-4 - 7 hooks (3.5mm - 4.5mm)
Yards: 110
Grams: 50
Put Up: Ball
Care: Hand Wash Cold / Lay Flat to Dry
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Andean Treasure DK
  17 customer reviews

$8.99 / 50g ball

Debuting in 2005, Andean Treasure was one of our first exclusive luxury yarns, and the decades of gorgeous projects created with it make it easy to see why it continues to be so beloved!

Timeless heathered colors add depth and complexity to one of Peru’s finest fibers to create a yarn that is as much a treat to craft with as it is to wear. Made of Peruvian baby alpaca, Andean Treasure both looks and feels luxurious with beautiful drape and hand feel. When producing alpaca yarns, alpaca fibers are sorted by their diameter (micron count), and the finest fibers are the softest. Baby alpaca is one of the softest and finest classifications of alpaca, and it's also a delightfully warm, and cozy fiber, holding in heat better than sheep’s wool. Andean Treasure is a decadent choice for next-to-skin winter accessories like scarves, cowls, hats, and headbands, and it looks particularly nice in lacy stitch patterns. For some quiet luxury, try Andean Treasure for felting projects, like felted slippers.

Looking for Bare, undyed Andean Treasure DK? Find it here!

We’ve reclassified Andean Treasure as a DK weight yarn based on customer feedback, but this is the same Andean Treasure you know and love, with the same yardage and grams per ball. 

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