Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Merino Wool
Weight: Aran/Heavy Worsted
Crochet Gauge: 11-14 sts sc = 4” on I-K hooks
Yards: 114
Grams: 100
Put Up: Hank
Care: Machine Wash Gentle Cold / Tumble Dry Low

Muse Aran
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$15.99 / 100g hank

Be prepared to be inspired by the hand-painted masterpieces of Muse, our artfully crafted superwash worsted weight Merino wool yarn from Japan. The wonderfully soft and touchable Merino is firmly twisted in a single strand, stable enough to discourage splitting and pilling, while still enjoying the finish and drape of single-ply construction—with special care taken to ensure even thickness. At approx. 8 wraps per inch, the yard to weight ratio can be deceiving, with extra weight from the dense twist crocheting into a satisfying and substantial fabric. With machine washable convenience, you’ll enjoy easy care hats, cowls, and accessories with next-to-skin softness, or sweaters and garments bursting with color.

Meticulously hand dyed by artisans, each skein of Muse is a study in the art of masterful color blending. The multi-colored hand-painted colorways are achieved by the blending of just 3 basic colors, applied with precision, which minimizes the streaking and pooling other hand painted yarns are prone to. Functioning almost as solids, our tonal varieties are ideal for use in projects that feature textural stitches and cables, as the subtle variations in tone emphasize stitches and bring extra depth.

Please note: As a hand-painted yarn, colors may vary from skein to skein.

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Bliss Hand Painted
SKU: 27856
Earnest Speckle
SKU: 28817
Elation Hand Painted
SKU: 27865

Euphoria Hand Painted
SKU: 27859
Impulse Hand Painted
SKU: 27861
Inspired Hand Painted
SKU: 27857

Thrill Hand Painted
SKU: 27862
Untamed Hand Painted
SKU: 27860
Whimsy Hand Painted
SKU: 27858

Optimistic Speckle
SKU: 28812
Visionary Tonal
SKU: 27847
Devotion Hand Painted
SKU: 28818

Savvy Tonal
SKU: 27855
Serenity Tonal
SKU: 28819
Pride Speckle
SKU: 28814

Success Tonal
SKU: 28825
Gratitude Hand Painted
SKU: 28823
Focus Tonal
SKU: 28820

Gregarious Speckle
SKU: 28813
Affection Tonal
SKU: 28821
Dreamy Tonal
SKU: 27854

Fearless Hand Painted
SKU: 28822
Glee Speckle
SKU: 28815
Spontaneous Speckle
SKU: 28816

Honor Tonal
SKU: 28826
Possibility Hand Painted
SKU: 28824