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Crochet.com is here to support Crocheters, new and experienced.

We have everything you need.

Yarn you'll love (we make most of it ourselves). You're new here so let me tell you about it...

Crocheters love Brava (acrylic), Dishie (cotton), Palette (so many wool colors) and Wool of the Andes. Great yarn and great prices. There's a lot of options so here's a handy spot to start with our yarn: Yarn by Weight. What else makes us special? I'm glad you asked.

Amazing Patterns!

100's of free patterns, and hundreds more you'll be happy to purchase. Your next project is waiting to be discovered on the patterns page. But of course that's not all (keep scrolling)....

We've got Hooks and tools you'll love (just look at the reviews). Our hooks are priced great and we've got the size you need. Browse hooks by visiting our Hooks section or scroll to learn the best part about Crochet.com

About Us

All of this is in one place.

We have ALL the colors at great prices. You can skip the big box store (let's be honest, they never have the color you want) and get everything (even tutorials!) you need to crochet your little hearts out all right here.

There's even more to Crochet.com but I've got a project to work on. Scroll down to read more about our support of independent designers, our commitment to sustainability and meet the lovely people that work hard to make your experience with Crochet.com the best it can be.

Happy Crocheting!

Meet the Team

We are crocheters—just like you. We like all types of yarn, from the cheap and cheerful to the rich and luxurious. We like smooth crochet hooks with comfy handles. We like patterns for practical, finished products that are challenging and interesting, but never confusing. Ultimately we like to make and use the same things you do, and we strive to provide you with the best material available to enjoy our favorite craft.

Meet the Team
Meet the Team