Granny Glow Up
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The timeless transformation of crochet granny squares continues as they shed their old-fashioned reputation and embrace a glow-up in this collection of 5 contemporary designs. Transcending their traditional roots to become an incredibly versatile and exciting element in the world of crochet and fashion, crochet enthusiasts and fashionistas alike can revel in the opportunity to glow up their designs.

Adorning vibrant colors and intricate patterns, which offer endless creative possibilities, you will find four stunning square options that you can combine into any of these 5 projects allowing a reflection of your personality and mood in our Granny Glow-up collection. With each square meticulously crafted, a sense of nostalgia blends seamlessly with modern style. Say goodbye to the scratch yarn and one-square wonders of the past and step into the legacy of Granny Squares in our exclusive Granny Glow-Up collection designed by Brenda K. B. Anderson.

Item no. N1296
Binding: Softcover - Stapled - 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 5 Projects