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Options Interchangeable Needle Cables - Swivel
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The strength of stainless steel and the perfect texture of a nylon coating gets even better with swiveling joins! Our mustard yellow swivel cables with nylon-coated steel cords provide a dreamy experience. The gentle flex of the cables and the smooth swivel action avoid twists and tangles, and just like with our other cables, the long-threaded join ensures that your cables and Tunisian hooks stay securely in place.

Two cable caps are included in each set, perfect for working on long Tunisian projects or to keep your project safe when your Tunisian hook is required elsewhere.

Each set includes one cable, two end caps, and one cable key. Sizing of the interchangeable cables refers to the total length achieved when the needle tips are attached to the cables.

Compatible interchangeable crochet hooks are available in sizes 3.75mm (F-5) through 15mm (P/Q). Includes one cable, two end caps, and one cable key. 


Size: 47"

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