Errata is the fancy crocheting word for correction. We do our best to produce perfect error-free patterns, but we are human and unfortunately mistakes are occasionally made! If you're having trouble with a WeCrochet exclusive or free pattern, check to see if there is errata in one of the following ways: 

  • Enter the pattern number or name into the search function. If there is errata it will appear there.
  • Look in your pattern library. Updated patterns are automatically sent to the library of customers who have already purchased the pattern and saved it in their pattern library.
  • Check the pattern page of our website. If a pattern has errata, you'll find a notation in the pattern details box.

If you can't find the pattern you're looking for or you still have questions, e-mail us or call us at 1-855-251-5727 (US and Canada), 18-0010-6750 (Australia) or 080-8234-6084 (United Kingdom).


Patterns in our Independent Designer Partnership (IDP) program are not included in our list of Errata; all pattern support for IDP patterns is handled by the designer.  If you have your patterns saved in your WeCrochet Pattern Library, an updated pattern will be sent there if a designer notifies us of a correction.

If you need pattern support for an IDP pattern, please contact the designer directly.


Alphabetical listing of pattern errata: