Accessories » WeCrochet Colorwork Snap Bag
Medium: 100% Nylon
Size: 13.5” wide x 9” deep
Vendor: WeCrochet
Accessories » WeCrochet Colorwork Snap Bag

WeCrochet Colorwork Snap Bag
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Manage your yarn with ease using our WeCrochet Snap Bags - a game-changer for your next multi-color project. These versatile bags are made for organizing multiple colors of yarn. Whether you're working on crochet granny squares, Tapestry Crochet, Mosaic Crochet, or any other multi-color project, these bags have got you covered.

The snap opening feature not only ensures snag-free access to your yarn but also keeps your projects securely in place.  Organize up to 8 yarns to crochet with without tangles! Say goodbye to the frustration of yarn balls rolling all over the floor – our tidy mesh bags keep everything neat and organized.

Embrace the joy of working with multiple colors on your next project without the hassle of untangling or misplaced skeins. Plus, here's a bonus: these bags fit perfectly inside our Everyday Totes, providing you with a complete and stylish yarn storage solution.

Tame your skeins with WeCrochet Snap Bags today!

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