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WeCrochet Magazine Issue 3
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This issue of WeCrochet Magazine is brought to you by the feeling that summer will never end, the lush greenery of warm weather climates, your favorite lace garments, and as always, all things crochet!


Our collections for this summer were inspired by our favorite things about the warmest time of the year. First, our jungle greenery collection, Viridescent, features patterns inspired by leaves and botanical gardens. Summertime Lace features romantic garments inspired by the ephemeral beauty of a summer sunset. Sharpen your skills: learn to sew zippers into crochet, make a Houndstooth Check Picnic Blanket, learn to read a crochet chart, how to block your projects, and so much more!

Happy crocheting, friends! From all of us at WeCrochet!

Thank you to Cistus Nursery in Portland, Oregon for providing a stunning location for the project photography in this issue.

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