Fiber Content: 80% Peruvian Highland Wool, 20% Donegal Tweed
Weight: Worsted
Crochet Gauge: 11–14 sc = 4'' on I - K hooks (5.5 mm-6.5 mm)
Yards: 110
Grams: 50
Put Up: Skein
Care: Hand Wash/Dry Flat

Wool of the Andes Tweed
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$5.49 / 50g skein

For the sweater you’ll wear a thousand times or the blanket you’ll use every night, our classic wool yarn is spun and plied carefully to achieve a wonderfully balanced twist. Spun from Peruvian wool, the strong fiber has an excellent balance of structure, loft, and drape that serves a wide variety of uses. Wonderfully warm for all weather, this sturdy, all-purpose yarn has excellent stitch definition and heirloom durability. It is ideal for cabled sweaters, textured stitch afghans, and every day accessories. While careful hand washing will keep your stitches crisp and sweaters long-lived, Wool of the Andes also felts beautifully with warm water and agitation, creating a fabric even more warm and durable than crocheting alone.

Wool of the Andes Tweed gives you a whole new way to introduce texture to your handmade items. Our tweed combines a classic palette with earthy-colored flecks of donegal tweed, viscose neps suspended in a very fine acrylic that allows them to be spun alongside the wool fibers. The tweedy donegal neps add a rustic and traditional appeal to everything from Aran sweaters and cabled outerwear to outdoorsy hats and mitts.

Wool of the Andes is also available in Sport, Worsted, and Bulky weights; the machine washable convenience of Superwash in Worsted and Superwash in Bulky.

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